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It was a difficult game and I felt that we paid a heavy price for a slow start. We kept going. It was a game of high intensity, Wenger said.
EPL Talk - 7:31 PM
He is important - why should we lose an important player? It is up to us [and not Giroud], Wenger said.
Sky Sports - 4:30 PM
I felt that we played with an excellent spirit, Wenger told BT Sport. But in the last two weeks, unfortunately we dropped points in the last two games for bad starts -- we are caught straight away. Of course you're concerned, but you don't want to make too big a problem of it becau...
Soccernet - 3:30 PM
It's down to the attitude of the players, the team mentality and I must say the united spirit the players have shown, said Wenger.
EPL Talk - 2:12 AM
We had a very strong creative performance with a high, high number of expected goals. And we had a poor defensive performance, Wenger said. I felt it took our players time to get into the game. We played on Wednesday night against Huddersfield, and it took them a while to adjust to...
Soccernet - 10:38 PM
There should be goals because they are an offensive team as well, with offensive potential, Wenger said. They have Charlie Austin back now, and of course they have players like Tadic, Redmond, Boufal who are all very strong offensively. They have a good technical level as a team and both ...
Goal.com - 2:32 PM
At the moment we have different worries than the title, Wenger said. After such disappointment, you have to think about winning the next game. We are too far from the title at the moment to speak about the title. It's not realistic. Let's try to win our next game and over a longer ...
Sky Sports - 12:00 PM
I have nothing against the fact that we have to do that, as long as our opponents have the same recovery days, Wenger told reporters. That was not the case last week, and it will not be the case next week again. If we have to play every day, I don't mind, as long as our opponents p...
Soccernet - 10:24 AM
Jack's moving forward, and you could see tonight that he's really ready now to play, Wenger said, as per ESPN . He's sharp, he's quick, he's incisive again with his dribble, and technically he was very good tonight. I would say for 70 minutes in the game he was dominant in midfield on the...
Caught Offside - 9:53 AM
It was done in a stylish way, and a technically high-quality game from our side, Wenger said. You could say, yes the opponent was not exactly the level of the Premier League, I would agree with you, but you can only do your job, and that's what we did in a convincing way, in a remarkable ...
Soccernet - 11:36 PM
When you pick a team you do not necessarily look how long a contract is, said Wenger. The shorter the contract is, the more hungry the players are usually. The hunger index drops with the length of the contract.
Mirror - 12:54 PM
I sent him a message because he had surgery and wished him well. He (Cazorla) answered I have to start again from zero, Wenger said.
Caught Offside - 7:14 AM
Look I have to start again from zero, ' basically. And it's very sad, honestly. What he has gone through, this guy, is unbelievable, Wenger said.
Soccernet - 10:50 PM
I have many players available who need competition, said Wenger.
BBC - 4:06 PM
For your balance it's not bad. But for a footballer I don't think it's great. It depends as well on what you do, Wenger said. You can do ice skating by bringing your child on and just making sure nothing happens to him, and [you can do] ice skating violently.
Soccernet - 2:47 PM
We just have a small problem with Mustafi from Saturday, said Wenger. But everybody else looks alright.
talkSport - 2:39 PM
He works very hard to come back into it, Wenger said. He was sick a few weeks ago but overall in training, he looks very sharp.
Sky Sports - 2:10 PM
They've been absolutely outstanding, Wenger said of his youngsters. One positive this season is the behaviour of the squad is impeccable.
Mirror - 1:21 PM
Well, let's first go towards Saturday, then in January we'll see what happens, Wenger told the media. But I just spoke about that in the last press conference and nothing has changed.
Sport Review - 4:50 AM
I believe the game has to make us angry and more determined, Wenger said. I think of what we produced and the fact that we lost the game, I cannot accept that.
Soccernet - 4:52 PM
I believe from the game, it has to make us angry and even more determined, said Wenger.
Sky Sports - 12:12 AM
I think the quality of our performance was good but we were not decisive enough, said Wenger after the game. I believe at the back, we didn't start well at all and we put ourselves in a very difficult position.
Goal.com - 1:39 PM
Look, that's all speculation, Wenger said.
Sport Review - 5:40 AM
I have not seen them again but when I was watching I thought they were both penalties, said Wenger.
Mirror - 10:49 PM
At the back we didn't start well at all, Wenger said. We put ourselves in a very difficult position.
Sky Sports - 10:00 PM
I think we didn't start well at all at the back and we are guilty of that, Wenger told the BBC.
Mirror - 8:47 PM
In this kind of game you have to be efficient. We had the chances to score, we didn't take them. Their keeper as well had an outstanding game, Wenger said.
Soccernet - 8:43 PM
They have a lot of power up front, Wenger said. Every player has power. They are very strong at [counter-attacks], and we have to be well organised for that.
Soccernet - 10:40 PM
It's all linked a little bit with confidence and the fact that we have been more stable defensively and a bit more patient maybe in our game, Wenger said. We are a team who puts many players in front of the ball when we attack so we are sometimes vulnerable on the counterattacks.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
Man United is a strong team and I expect us just to cope with the problems they will give us, Wenger said. They will attack as well.
Sky Sports - 2:52 PM