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It's a complicated answer, said Wenger. If you ask him where he loves to play, even he is not certain.
Daily Star - 11:07 PM
It's a complicated answer, said Wenger. If you ask him where he loves to play, even he is not certain. When I played him sometimes on the left, he likes it as well, because when he makes a good run he can score.
Daily Express - 11:02 PM
He will definitely be here, said Wenger after the match. He is 17 years old and looks very promising, but he needs to work with us now for a year with the first team, to play with the U21s and develop.
Sky Sports - 9:56 PM
He is 17 years old and he looks very promising but he needs to work with us for a year in the first team, said Wenger. To be an adult, to play for the Under-21s and to develop - there is fantastic potential there but he will stay with us.
BBC - 9:05 PM
Another goal for Theo and I'm not surprised by that because I played him through the middle, said Wenger. I've always said he's a goalscorer because he has the movement, he has the timing of the finishing, the speed; he has an eye for taking his chances at the right moment.
Guardian - 8:23 PM
What's his best position? That's a good question. It's a complicated answer, said Wenger.
Daily Mail - 7:58 PM
I like his team attitude, his movement, said Wenger. We have a game based on movement and speed, and he integrates that very well.
Daily Mail - 3:28 PM
He missed the whole first part of the season last year and he came back to his best level in the second half of the season, Wenger said. Hopefully he do it the whole season.
Sport Review - 7:03 PM
He could go on loan to Roma. We are pretty much done - it is down to paperwork, Wenger said. As long as that is not over the line, anything can happen. Szczesny is a top-class goalkeeper we have three goalkeepers who are top. For one of the keepers, if he can play somewhere that would be g...
Daily Express - 8:54 PM
He could go on loan to Roma, Wenger said earlier today.
Daily Star - 4:25 PM
Welbeck is not in full training yet, he has not fully recovered, said Wenger.
Daily Mail - 4:01 PM
He has gone a bit overboard because that is not true, Wenger told a news conference.
Soccernet - 3:10 PM
We are working hard to do something if an opportunity comes up. We have a strong squad, Wenger told the news conference.
Sport Review - 2:01 PM
It is a good buy for Man City. It looked a done deal for a while because Sterling was adamant he wanted the move, said Wenger. It is an expensive one but they can afford it. We never considered it because he plays in an area where we have plenty of players.
Mirror - 8:59 AM