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I don't know at the moment. We have just won the cup. It is difficult for me to come out of the game like that and say who I will buy and not buy, Wenger said.
Sky Sports - 11:36 PM
We would not get involved at that level for financial reasons, said Wenger.
Sky Sports - 11:19 PM
We are mentality stronger as a team, said Wenger.
Daily Express - 10:52 PM
We have to show that next season and we want to do it, Wenger said. I feel that we have moved forward and people think always it's about buying but it's as well about cohesion, and cohesion is a very important factor that is a bit underrated usually by people. Chelsea surprised ever...
Guardian - 10:30 PM
I think we've seen that since January, said Wenger. We've made progress on the mental side and on mastering our games and on being less naïve and better balanced and knowing what to do. We still have things to do, I'm conscious of that. But I am conscious as well that mentally and t...
Mirror - 10:30 PM
We have shown that we are a real team and can deal with pressure. I congratulate the players, the staff and the fans. We are so happy tonight, Wenger told BBC Sport.
Daily Express - 6:12 PM
We have made progress and we can deal with pressure, said Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger afterwards.
Sky Sports - 10:17 PM
I don't see why he should not be here next season, Wenger said.
Sky Sports - 9:28 PM
I am very proud. Our club is doing well and if I can personally do well then it's even better, Wenger said.
Daily Express - 8:25 PM
We have always extended his contract and we have been very patient with all his injuries, said Wenger. At some stage I think he must feel wanted.
Daily Express - 6:29 PM
I heard you so much telling me that we don't win anything that I'm quite surprised I am suddenly on the other side of it, said Wenger.
Sky Sports - 11:22 PM
We always stood by him through every difficult moment, said Wenger. Does that mean we want him to stay here for a longer period? Yes, as we would like to benefit from his talent now. He has not played since November, Jack. That is five or six months.
Mirror - 10:52 PM
It's quite strange because I've played six finals and the one we deserved to win most was the one we lost, said Wenger. It was against ­Liverpool (in 2001) when Henchoz saved the ball in the first minute with his hand.
Mirror - 10:52 PM