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Santi has six months left and we have an option, Wenger said.
Daily Express - 4:51 AM
He works much more for the team, said Wenger. He's more conscious of his responsibilities and I believe he's more willing to help the team.
Daily Telegraph - 1:29 AM
I think he likes the position, Wenger said. When it comes off and he walks off with the ball under his arm it's a good feeling and I hope there is more to come.
Sky Sports - 9:54 PM
I think he likes the position, Wenger said after the match.
Metro - 9:12 PM
He likes the position. But you know how the players are. People like to play as strikers. If it doesn't work they prefer their first position, Wenger said. But when they walk off with the ball under their arm, it's a good feeling. But he has the qualities to play there, he has good...
Soccernet - 8:59 PM
Bellerin is one of the best in his position, certainly in Europe, said Wenger. But Carl can compete with him. At the moment he can't because mentally he has not found his confidence.
Daily Star - 3:45 AM
I haven't spoken to him, Wenger said. The decision will be taken in January. It won't depend on his fitness, it will be my decision only. Santi is an exceptional football player and it is just for him to be capable to play.
Mirror - 11:01 PM
I haven't spoken to him, Wenger said. The decision will be taken in January.
Mirror - 10:50 PM
I think we are close to a balance because I think Xhaka is moving upwards. And he has a different influence to Santi, Wenger said. Santi is more a guy who gets out of very tight situations. He has a very short technique, with his right and left foot. Xhaka is not a dribbler, he is more a ...
Soccernet - 10:30 PM
I will have a chat with him today. If he is in the right frame of mind, he will play, Wenger said. He has sent a very emotional message to the families of people involved in this crash, but he still played on Wednesday night and I think if he has recovered well physically, and mentally as...
Soccernet - 10:30 PM
We are close with the balance as Granit Xhaka in midfield is moving upwards, Wenger said. He has a different influence to Santi.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
We have a debrief about the situation, said Wenger. There is always that little conflict between the medical care of what you have in the club, and the freedom of everyone to be treated where he wants to be treated.
Daily Telegraph - 7:30 PM
The players on the ground, before when you played at Highbury, you kind of had a picture, Wenger said. When you play up front you know where the goal is, because the signals are coming from the crowd. You know where the adverts [boards] are and sometimes you have no time to make yo...
Soccernet - 3:13 PM
It's a severe hamstring injury. Six weeks (out), I think, said Wenger.
EPL Talk - 12:31 PM
Yes of course. Until mid January he will not really be available, Wenger said. But usually he recovers quickly.
Soccernet - 11:42 AM
For me it's very bad news, said Wenger. You always know the date of the surgery but never the date where the player will play again.
Guardian - 11:07 AM