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He came on well. He is normally a wing-back, full-back but he can as well play as a centre-back, Wenger said.
Sky Sports - 11:20 PM
It is an encouragement not more than that, said Wenger. We want to find a good balance between the confidence we can get out of this game and the urgency that every Premier League game demands.
Daily Mail - 10:32 PM
It's an encouragement and nothing more than that, said Wenger.
Guardian - 9:18 PM
He came on well. He is normally a wing-back, full-back but he can as well play as a centre-back, Wenger said.
Sky Sports - 7:45 PM
We had the intensity in the games in our preparation that is needed to be ready, said Wenger. Let's go into the Premier League with the same discipline, the same spirit and see where we can go.
BBC - 7:11 PM
I think he was outstanding today, Wenger said. He is physically very strong, naturally. I believe the modern game doesn't tolerate as many weaknesses anymore as it did 20 years ago. And it's always a combination of talent and attitude. He looks to me that he has good talent but as ...
Soccernet - 6:36 PM
Well, I don't know if it was a sending off or not but at that moment we were dominating, Wenger said.
EPL Talk - 5:25 PM
That decision is not completely made, Wenger said.
Daily Star - 7:22 AM
Chelsea came out of a very average season and he got them to win the title, to be champions even after having a bad start, Wenger said of Conte. That shows he is not only mentally strong but is intelligent enough to address the problems when he has some. I expect them to fight agai...
Guardian - 10:30 PM
Last year, Chelsea did not play in the European Cup and, certainly, they were a bit more consistent in the Premier League, Wenger said.
Daily Mail - 12:50 PM
Sometimes it takes a few months, sometimes it takes very little time, Wenger said.
EPL Talk - 2:16 AM
Chelsea took advantage of the fact that all the other teams were less consistent last year, said Wenger. I expect them to fight for the championship again. But you can expect that other teams will be stronger as well and take points from them.
Daily Express - 10:30 PM
Because the league is so physically difficult, maybe it is very difficult to cope with both, Wenger said . We will see how Chelsea respond next season.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
I would say that Chelsea look like they have kept the basis of 95 per cent of their squad, Wenger said.
Daily Express - 5:04 PM
The only thing I can tell you is he is focused, said Wenger. My decision is clear - he will stay and he will respect that.
Daily Express - 10:24 AM
For me, it is the consequence of the ownerships and that has completely changed the whole landscape of football in the last 15 years, Wenger said.
Soccernet - 3:16 AM