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LFC Reds - Sat Jan 19 7:27 PM
Now twice as many points as them
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 18 12:08 AM
Good topic: Liverpool Arsenal Chelsea Man City Man Utd Spurs Leicester Everton Nottingham Forrest Aston Villa Newcastle Sunderland Leeds Bolton Southampton Wimbledon (does that count?) Wolves West Ham Bournemouth Watford
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 12 7:31 PM
Its close . We are just a mere 30 points ahead of them as of January 12th.
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 8 9:17 PM
"Farhad Moshiri, Everton’s major shareholder, has said he will not allow the club to become a museum as it was confirmed plans to relocate to a new dockside stadium have progressed with Liverpool city council." Too late buddy.
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 1 1:40 PM
good to see the Everton faithful out in strength at Goodison today although it look like many of htem are still hung over and sleeping it off in bed at home.
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 29 12:03 PM
Quote from Shabs on Today at 11:57:22 am 😂 https://twitter.com/neil_lfc_/status/1078766140678201345?s=21 What a complete and utter bellend. Stay off the drugs, kids.
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 27 1:47 AM
Richarlison took off his shirt after scoring at 95th minute in a 5-1 win. Does that club make their employees stupid too?
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 25 12:14 AM
No no no Ali will not crash into a human pole like that idiot pick Boys vs men. Embarassing. Hope, they go down. England keeper let in 6 goals. Wahhhkakakaka. Bunch of bottlers, can't keep a lead. Opponents of evershite, take note. It'
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 24 10:59 PM
Relive all the matchday atmosphere with highlights of the closing stages of the game. Aldo sounds a bit excited with our first last minute winner at home against them in 25 years. https://youtu.be/ldILr5XlGIc
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 23 4:39 PM
Perfect example why this lot ate called The Blue Sh*te
LFC Reds - Thu Dec 20 5:14 PM
well well well the blueshite are up in arms because the new stadium capacity is only 52, 000 not 60, 000 and they say many supporters will be left out.Now they have 39, 000 and its not always full by any means where are all these extra Bluenoses coming fr
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 15 8:56 PM
1 point from last 9 now best balloon slowly as usual deflating this side of Christmas
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 15 11:22 AM
Hoping Everton turn up today and take some points of City..
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 11 4:16 AM
https://mobile.twitter.com/George Owen/status/1072251358668079110
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 4 11:45 PM
Everton will thrash Newcastle tomorrow. Can't see Newcastle dropping down the table tomorrow because they'll lose too. Can't imagine Rafa being there much longer. He'll leave or get fired. There's not a lot Rafa can do right now.. when he was in the re
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 4 6:21 AM
I think he got something in him that can make him a great player. He got robbed from his form against Everton through a very nasty tackle but I think if he continue to fight for his place, he can gain it through Everton too
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 4 2:55 AM
Quote from heimdall on Yesterday at 12:37:54 pm No, it really shouldn't be, you should try to be impartial and only penalise people for breaching forum rules, if you feel incapable of doing that then perhaps hand over the
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 2 9:06 PM
Jordan Pickford Fans Protected https://twitter.com/PickfordStans I wonder why?
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 2 6:18 PM
Only just stopped laughing.
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 2 3:40 PM
Quote from RedPuppy on Today at 03:35:05 pm Not the best OP, sorry, but no takers, so a bit of a rush job, now COME ON you sexy REDS!! more than good enough mate but the pressure is on for the win now
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 1 7:38 AM
Come on you REDS forget what happened in France and concentrate on beating Everton.We need this win to keep in touch with City and get some pride and belief back in the squad.
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 29 11:45 AM
Alisson Alexander-Arnold Gomez van Dijk Robertson Shaqiri Milner Keïta Mane Salah Sturridge LFC Reds Team Builder Start with Danny, bring on Bobby. Everton have looked a lot better in the last month. Think they'll get a European spot this season. Not the walkovers they used to be but still - we...
LFC Reds - Wed Nov 21 3:01 PM
Quote from Derek1892 on Today at 12:08:24 pm Must be shitting themselves the derbys round the corner. Sad thing is by law of averages they have to win at some point. Just got a cold shiver Everton just try to
LFC Reds - Sat Nov 17 10:15 PM
Believe the nomarks have been spouting vile f**king sh*te about Sir Kenneth Dalglish, the cuntyness never ceases to amaze.
LFC Reds - Sun Nov 11 2:21 PM
Quote from tezmac on Today at 02:11:56 pm Let's hope Everton do us a favour today but somehow I doubt it There is probably more chance of you becoming the next Real Madrid manager than Everton getting some
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 8 8:18 PM
https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/46145499 . Hmmm wondered why their youth set up was good.
LFC Reds - Tue Oct 30 9:41 AM
Quote from waltonl4 on Oct 28, 2018 09:46:53 am its one of those rare days today when you want both teams to lose a game. UTD or Everton its the impossible question I guess a 0-0 draw with Mourhino getting sent off for he
LFC Reds - Sun Oct 28 9:46 AM
its one of those rare days today when you want both teams to lose a game. UTD or Everton its the impossible question I guess a 0-0 draw with Mourhino getting sent off for head butting Pogba might sort of make it interesting. If UTD get beat by Everton
LFC Reds - Sun Oct 21 5:23 PM
what a game at Goodison Everton V Palace it just well sh*te to be honest. The Angry Birds are just getting angrier all the time
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 12 5:22 PM
Next round of TV fixtures sorted out. Liverpool v Everton: Now Sunday December 2, kick-off 4.15pm. Live on Sky Sports. Burnley v Liverpool: Now Wednesday December 5, kick-off 7.45pm. Bournemouth v Liverpool: Now Saturday December 8, kick-off 12.30pm. L