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LFC Reds - Sun Jan 21 10:53 AM
Watford turn down millions from Everton as compensation for Silva then go and pay millions to sack him just a couple of months later.
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 3:20 PM
Getting on for 4 hours since they had a prem shot on target!
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 20 7:31 AM
Quote from Boston not la on Jan 15, 2018 04:45:35 pm I thought they were gonna be the Las Vegas Raiders not the Everton Raiders!why so bitter! That finish to the vikings game last night, holy f**k, , will be tough if
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 16 6:31 PM
Spends 90% of the 10 games a season he plays offside
LFC Reds - Sat Jan 13 8:00 PM
Q; what is everton's favourite TV show A: pointless
LFC Reds - Tue Jan 9 7:10 PM
They’re actually laughing because they think Kopites will be funding their super duper stadium! This needs looking at, surely there needs to be a public enquiry at least. All jokes aside, this is so wrong on so many levels. Moshiri is the one who’ll li
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 8 10:52 AM
Key points from a great win, for me, were: - VVD - I felt MUCH more confident about our defence just seeing him on the pitch. He looks a colossus, is great in the air, composed, confident and good on the ball. A threat at set pieces and that goal put
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 5 10:03 PM
THAT'S how you make a debut
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 5 6:49 PM
Big Virgil might as well see what we bought.
LFC Reds - Fri Jan 5 3:11 PM
https://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/7obb2m/i_like_your_hair/?st=JC222474&sh=9a283cc2 A friendly reminder from the visit of our noisy neighbours tonight.
LFC Reds - Thu Jan 4 9:53 AM
BS’s team 1, 7, 9, 10, 14, 20, 27, 31, 40, 43, 66 That’s not the squad it’s the numbers of the buses Fat Sam will park.
LFC Reds - Thu Jan 4 9:03 AM
Will be difficult to predict a team here what with Phil throwing another tantrum to get his move to Barca. Will Mane and Salah be fit enough to start after the long flight back home. Will VVD be ready for this one. Who ever is picked they should still
LFC Reds - Mon Jan 1 6:10 PM
Everton dominating the Mancs
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 29 8:08 AM
You couldn’t make it up!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5217845/Everton-remove-T-shirt-using-Kop-image-online-store.html
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 4:18 PM
Zero shots on target today against Chelsea the people's club my arse
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 23 2:27 PM
At least we stay in touch with Chelsea with the draw there. How grim are Everton as well - didn't even have a shot on target at home.
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 19 8:48 AM
Another 2 penalties last night, one was never a pen, it was proven to be outside the box. Either they are the luckiest team in the Prem or Fat Sam has sold his soul! Still the most boring side to watch.
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 11 10:30 PM
They're still sh*te.
LFC Reds - Mon Dec 11 11:30 AM
Interesting hypothesis :- Did Klopp field an understrength team yesterday to lure Sam into a false sense of security - and then we absolutely batter him in the Cup
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 1:32 PM
What Coutinho’s record like coming off the bench in terms of goals and assists?
LFC Reds - Sun Dec 10 3:01 AM
An early goal for us and i fear for them.
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 11:30 PM
2 X Liverpool Vs Everton Derby Game tickets on the half Way Line, Main stand M6 Hospitality Seats next to each other in Premier Chemistry Lounge back up on the anfield hospitality site. Can't make the game Cost price obviously https://hospitality .l
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 11:00 PM
Sh*te these, up the reds.
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 10:21 AM
Yes looks like Hendo will start but the big call will be whether to go with the fab4 with Hendo Can in Midfield or leave out one of the Fab4. Out of the Fab4 Mane could be the one to miss out although, on current form it's hard to leave anyone of the F
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 7:49 AM
Let's face it the only chance the Ev have a chance to win at Anfield is in a snowball fight, early warning of heavy snow for Sunday from the Met Office. It would be a sight Fat Sam with a pint of wine in one hand snow ball in the other standing on the
LFC Reds - Fri Dec 8 5:42 AM
Wonder if Klopp gives another keeper a chance in the FA cup? Is it time for ward? Also, does Ings finally get his chance? Such a shame that we have to face Everton obviously we will win BUT playing an even smaller team may well have guaranteed a few
LFC Reds - Tue Dec 5 12:36 PM
Quote from Billy1 on Today at 08:10:43 am Don't worry about drawing Everton in the F.A.Cup, we have a good record against them.In fact we have an excellent record going back to when we were in the old second division i
LFC Reds - Sat Dec 2 10:11 PM
I don't know if I have misread an article but is it true that Sammy Lee is assistant to Big Fat Sam at Everton.If it is true I hope the bas**rds don't drag him down to the Everton/Big Fat Sam sewer level.
LFC Reds - Thu Nov 30 2:18 AM
Quote from what-a-hit-son on Yesterday at 10:56:22 pm That's the Derby fu**ed. Always does us that fat headed yard dog. That'll do for most of that lot's support. Not always, remember Fat Sam going off his barnet