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We play to win the games and after that we will see how things finish, Guardiola said.
Daily Mail - 10:28 AM
Phil knows that the club is there to support him but it depends on him, said City boss Guardiola. He has to come and work every day and he knows we trust a lot with him and we are going to try.
Sky Sports - 9:30 AM
We respect the competition. We respect Shakhtar and we respect Napoli, Guardiola said.
EPL Talk - 9:27 AM
Of course winning is better than not winning, said Guardiola.
EPL Talk - 9:27 AM
A win is better than not winning but we are going to analyse the performance, Guardiola told a news conference. In the first half, we could do better but sometimes, it's difficult.
Soccernet - 11:58 PM
Both have different qualities - they deserve to play, said Guardiola. They have a lot of games and they have to be ready.
Mirror - 4:02 PM
What I saw in pre-season, in training, in the Under 17 World Cup, they are ready, Guardiola said. Otherwise they would not be training here every day with us.
Daily Mail - 10:37 PM
A big hug for Tony, as for (Slaven) Bilic, Guardiola said.
talkSport - 6:41 PM
They are two young players training this season and what I saw in the preseason, in the World Cup and training; yeah, they are ready, Guardiola said. If they weren't, they would not be training with us every single day.
Soccernet - 4:26 PM
Phil Foden is ready to start a game. Brahim as well, two young players, said Guardiola. I see them in training, in the World Cup, they are ready. They would not be training with us otherwise. The skills are there. The quality is there. We can help them with the speed [of the game].
Sky Sports - 4:01 PM
For Manchester City, a team that still needs a history in Europe, it is a big win, said Guardiola.
BBC - 3:53 PM
We are already qualified but for the draw for the last 16, you never know. It is better to play the second leg at home [by topping the group], said Guardiola. The players will prepare the same way as always, to try and win the game. The Champions League is a prestigious competition. We wi...
Sky Sports - 1:40 PM
Both have different qualities - they deserve to play, Guardiola said. They have a lot of games and they have to be ready.
Daily Mail - 1:27 PM
Of course, we have to take care of him, we are trying to do that, Guardiola told a news conference. He missed more than two-and-a-half months because he play against Gibraltar with a 9-0 scoreline.
Soccernet - 10:53 PM
I am really impressed with Vincent. After more than two months (out) and just one game with the national team it is so complicated to come back, said Guardiola.
Mirror - 4:51 PM
It is unfortunate for us and for John and I think he might be out for six weeks with that type of injury, Guardiola said.
Goal.com - 7:05 PM
He will be out for a long time, I think -- a muscular problem -- maybe four to six weeks, Guardiola told a news conference. The only problem is we have a lot games and John was in that moment -- the way he played with the ball and without it, leading the back four.
Soccernet - 6:40 PM
It is tough because the calendar is so demanding, said Guardiola. We don't have many central defenders and they will suffer - but we will find a solution.
BBC - 6:19 PM
He will be out for a long time, four to six weeks I think, said City manager Pep Guardiola.
EPL Talk - 6:05 PM
Tackles are so important because they are part of the game, but they are not the most important issue of the game from my point of the game, Guardiola told a news conference.
Soccernet - 10:39 PM
The moment they don't believe they can be better then that's the moment we crash, to fall down, Guardiola said.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
I'm not here to break records, I'm not bothered about being magnificent, I'm about trying to make the team better than it was yesterday, Guardiola said. We are playing well, and I am very happy with results, but a team can always get better and there are still things we can improve.
Guardian - 10:30 PM
I have something in my mind to replace him, Guardiola said on Friday.
EPL Talk - 5:40 PM
We'll have to play intelligently as it's one of the toughest games we have, especially after the international break, said Guardiola. It's so important that we settle and to start in the right way.
Sky Sports - 3:58 PM
I have something in mind to replace Otamendi, Guardiola said.
BBC - 3:42 PM
It's not about the breaking of records, Guardiola said. We can do better, we can improve.
Daily Mail - 1:55 PM
Last season we were only able to win twice against the big teams, at Old Trafford against Manchester United and at home against Arsenal, said Guardiola.
Mirror - 6:47 PM
We were able to win just twice against the title contenders last season, Guardiola said. This season, in November, we have already won three times.
Goal.com - 8:35 AM
They told me it was offside, I don't like to win in that way, so it's like this, Guardiola said.
Daily Express - 6:39 PM
They tell me it was offside and I don't like to win in that way, so it's like this, said Guardiola. But sometimes Arsenal win in Burnley, 1-0 with a hand, so sometimes it's like this.
Mirror - 5:57 PM