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In 10 seconds [Hazard] made the decision himself, Mourinho told Sky Sports.
Daily Express - 11:49 PM
Mourinho told Sky Sports: They deserved to win because they were better than us during a longer period of time.
Sky Sports - 11:02 PM
Mourinho told Sky Sports: He made the decision to come off.
Mirror - 10:57 PM
When some of your players don't hit the levels they are capable of it is hard to see. This season we are doing so bad for some reason, said Mourinho.
BBC - 10:38 PM
The top four is gone - clearly, Mourinho said.
Daily Star - 10:30 PM
He didn't say that. He said in football you never know, Mourinho said.
Three and in - 7:12 PM
They are in such a position where only three things can happen to them, Mourinho said.
Three and in - 7:07 PM
I think Claudio has won manager of the month – I think he should win more than that, Mourinho said on Friday.
Daily Express - 4:00 PM
A team struggling so much like we are is not obviously a candidate to win the Champions League, Mourinho said.
Daily Star - 11:38 AM
I like to be in my little office at Stamford Bridge, lying there, watching a movie on my iPad, Mourinho said. I hate it when the guy knocks on the door and tells you to come for the [television] interview.
Daily Express - 5:00 AM
He didn't say that. He said in football you never know, Mourinho said.
Daily Mail - 1:10 AM
They deserve for us to speak about how well they are doing, Mourinho said. I would love to be in their position.
Soccernet - 8:02 PM
He is top scorer and it is normal that big clubs want him, said Mourinho. Even at a big club (counter-attack) transitions are important, fast players are important, people to attack space behind defenders are important.
Daily Mail - 10:33 PM
Sometimes I feel a bit embarrassed to be fair, their support is more than I could expect after such a bad season, Mourinho said. I know that last season we were champions but this season has been really bad.
Caught Offside - 3:32 PM