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I think it's fair to say that there is a big responsibility in Holland and in Chile, said Mourinho. Big responsibility.
Mirror - 4:45 PM
Mourinho told ITV News London: Yes. Not now. Not seven years ago when I had the chance.
talkSport - 2:44 PM
I think Suárez is going to create problems for England, Mourinho said. It's a big match, I've waited a lot for this match because this is like a knock-out game, the one that loses is out.
Sport Review - 2:39 PM
Louis Van Gaal was brilliant in the way he analysed and prepared the game against Spain, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 2:30 PM
I think it's hard to criticise him, because Ozil is Ozil, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 2:06 PM
I think it's hard to criticize him, because Özil is Özil, said Mourinho.
Daily Mail - 1:20 PM
Suarez is a very important player for Uruguay. Uruguay had a very unexpected result in the first match, they are, as England, one defeat and goodbye, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 1:04 PM
I wouldn't put Iker on the bench, Mourinho told Yahoo.
Goal.com - 11:35 PM
The fact that he's not even a Portuguese man, I think that should put even more pressure on him to behave in a certain way, which he didn't, Mourinho said.
ESPN - 6:37 PM