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If you ask me my objective for the match tomorrow I only have one: Take the players home safe without any kind of injury, said Mourinho.
Daily Star - 10:46 PM
At this club you find legends from five years ago, legends of 10 years ago, legends of 15 years ago and legends of 20 years ago, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 5:53 PM
City against United for me is Old Trafford or the Etihad or a Cup final at Wembley, not a friendly, said Mourinho. It was a friendly before we knew the conditions, now, after we know the conditions, it's maybe a double friendly.
Mirror - 5:07 PM
I think Beijing is unlucky because the pitch is bad and condition of the players is more important than pre-season, said Mourinho.
EPL Talk - 3:41 PM
City against United for me is at Old Trafford or at the Etihad or even the cup final at Wembley, Mourinho said. Not a friendly.
Mirror - 2:10 PM
Of course I will shake his hand - why wouldn't I?, Mourinho said . I don't understand the question to him or to me. We were opponents for three years [in Spain] but we are professionals. I don't see why I wouldn't shake his hand.
Daily Express - 1:51 PM
The more difficult the challenges, the more you need from yourself, Mourinho said. But in the end, the game is 11 against 11, and the players are the ones who play the real game. They are more important than us [the managers].
Mirror - 1:35 PM
We were supposed to fly with two different planes, with half of us in one plane and half in the other, Mourinho said.
Mirror - 12:44 PM
From my point of view I would say to them 'You are welcome at the training ground', Mourinho told The Sun .
Metro - 11:57 AM
A No 9 or a No 10, or a number nine-and-a-half, but with me he will never be a No 6, not even a No 8, says Mourinho.
Daily Mail - 9:08 AM
At the moment the engines are completely different, said Mourinho. It's Formula One against Formula Three.
Mirror - 8:49 AM
To be fair, I don't think I can analyse them with this difference of power, said Mourinho. At the moment the engines are completely different.
Daily Mail - 10:30 PM
It was like Formula 1 against Formula 3, said Mourinho. They are much sharper, so it was difficult to judge.
BBC - 7:30 PM
We are completely convinced of our market, Mourinho said.
talkSport - 6:17 PM
I know that in pre-season the team that is in the advanced stage of preparation looks far better than the other team, said Mourinho after the game.
Sky Sports - 6:04 PM
I said at the first press conference at Old Trafford, our market has a fundamental part, Mourinho said .
Daily Express - 5:24 PM
It's been 10 days of work. People are really tired, said Mourinho. High quality opposition and the reality is we have six players still in Europe plus Rooney and (Chris Smalling) who are only training.
EPL Talk - 5:21 PM
Mourinho told MUTV: Long-term injuries are the worst thing in football.
Daily Mail - 2:01 PM
We set four targets for us, we got three of them and we are going to get the fourth, said Mourinho.
EPL Talk - 1:06 PM
I don't confirm and I don't deny, said Mourinho. I cannot tell.
Mirror - 11:16 AM
I think since the first day everything is clear between us, said Mourinho. There is space for him.
Mirror - 8:43 AM
I have the contract I have and for that the owners are happy, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 5:13 AM
I have the contract I have and for that the owners are happy, Mourinho said .
Daily Express - 4:30 AM
I am quite surprised with so many question marks around this guy, Mourinho said .
Daily Star - 2:09 AM
I'm not at Chelsea because the owners didn't want me. If he (Roman Abramovich) wanted me I would still be there, said Mourinho.
Daily Mail - 1:14 AM