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Finals are not for playing, they are for winning, Mourinho said.
Guardian - 7:37 PM
I didn't enjoy it, but it was a goal that every top player in the world would love to score, said José Mourinho after the game.
Guardian - 12:01 PM
He's a legend of this club but he's a legend at 32 years old which is a very young legend for a goalkeeper, Mourinho said.
Daily Express - 6:41 AM
This team is just in the beginning, Mourinho said.
Daily Mail - 1:37 AM
The substitution was decided because he has a little problem on his knee, Mourinho said. In normal conditions he wouldn't play this game.
EPL Talk - 1:32 AM
Didier was due to take the penalty but he was not on the pitch, Mourinho said. He had a problem with his knee -- in normal conditions he wouldn't play the game. He did because it was his last and he wanted to be on the pitch. It was John's desire to give him the armband and for the ...
CNN - 10:36 PM
You can win something in a certain moment of your career and that's it or you can win on a regular basis, Mourinho said. That's the difference between somebody who is champions and the champions. That's the direction I want to motivate them to go in.
Goal.com - 9:02 PM
Xavi is one of the world's best players over the past decade and he deserves to win that he will never have - a Ballon d'Or success, Mourinho told reporters.
Daily Mail - 6:40 PM
Maybe 'campaign' is not a nice word, Mourinho said. Maybe I would take that word out from my explanation and my comments, but that [bad decisions] is the reality.
Guardian - 3:54 PM
The motivation is to be the champions for us, and for them it's not to be relegated, Mourinho said.
Daily Mail - 2:03 PM
I see myself coaching another club, yes, but I love Chelsea and I am in Mr Abramovich's hands and until then I'm here, Mourinho told the BBC.
Sky Sports - 11:06 AM