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It's difficult but if Mata is on the bench, you tell me I want to kick him out and want to sell him, Mourinho said.
Sky Sports - 11:50 PM
He (Schweinsteiger) has spoken to me, said Mourinho. I cannot answer for him.
Daily Mail - 10:33 PM
Last season, no Martial, no three points, said Mourinho. This season, no Martial goals and three victories. When a team isn't playing ­especially well and, in the middle of that, somebody comes out of that and goes immediately to the ­highlight. This is a different picture. Other pl...
Mirror - 10:30 PM
The situation with England is funny because when you are 18 years old and are in the Under-21 national team, I don't think it's a drama, Mourinho told MUTV .
Daily Express - 8:21 PM
I think we are going to have a very quiet week, Mourinho said. Not surrounded by helicopters waiting for someone to arrive or leave – I am more than happy with the squad I have.
Sport Review - 8:20 PM
I love Andreas Pereira as a player and I would love to have him in my squad, Mourinho said.
Daily Star - 3:25 PM
I thought after I read some quotes from people at Bayern Munich that they would run to Manchester to bring him back, but no, it did not happen, Mourinho said.
EPL Talk - 3:19 PM
It's good for us because we think we are in the Champions League, said Mourinho. There are groups in the Champions League very similar so that's good for us.
Daily Mail - 3:13 PM
I have 23 players in the squad and, in principle, there is nobody leaving and nobody is coming, Mourinho said. It's more than enough and if you have a problem or an opportunity then I have a few young players in the Academy that I will be more than happy to give them an acceleration in the...
Sport Review - 1:51 PM
I have so many good players, Mourinho said. I arrive in the dressing room after the match and I was happy but then I become sad, because I arrive there and all the other guys are there in their nice Paul Smith suit but not a tracksuit, not even playing, not even being on the bench.
Daily Mail - 1:41 PM
I have 23 players in the squad and in principle nobody is leaving, because I don't want anyone to leave, said Mourinho. No-one is coming and 23 players is more than enough. If we have any kind of problem or any kind opportunity, I have a few young players in the academy that I will be more...
Mirror - 1:38 PM
There are groups in the Champions League that are very similar, so it is good for that, Mourinho said. We know that it will be a difficult group, but I think that is a good thing. If you have teams without expression then even the fans may not enjoy nights at Old Trafford. It is good for t...
Sport Review - 1:33 PM