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If my medical department decides to take four weeks to recover Diego this would not happen but in football we need risks, Mourinho told Sky Sports. I risk sometimes, as a manager in a result I don't like.
Mirror - 8:09 PM
Mourinho told Sky Sports: The explanation is that if my medical department decides to take four weeks to recover Diego this wouldn't happen.
Sport Review - 7:50 PM
He is not mentally ready to start the game, Mourinho said.
Daily Star - 5:46 PM
Petr Cech is not a player – he's an institution, Mourinho said. Ten years in goal, going through everything he went through, great moments and sad moments, dying on the pitch.
EPL Talk - 11:25 PM
At this moment the muscle is fine, said Mourinho. But football is more than that: you need confidence, to believe that you don't need to break your intensity and are free to express yourself at the maximum intensity, and that's our doubt.
Guardian - 11:18 PM
Petr Cech is not a player, he's an institution and with institutions you have to deal with things in a different manner, said Mourinho. He won in this club the right to be looked at and respected in a different way. He deserves a special perspective.
Daily Express - 11:01 PM
Every player has a price. It doesn't matter which player, said Mourinho. If you ask me now, for example, Eden Hazard, we can speak about him because he's signed a new contract. Do I want him to leave Chelsea? No. If he wants to leave, if he doesn't want to work with me, if he doesn'...
BBC - 10:55 PM
Diego trained yesterday and today with the group, said Mourinho on Friday. He's not injured, but I don't know if I start with him or not because, obviously, with muscular injuries, and after just two days with the group, I need to analyse the situation with him and make a decision. ...
Guardian - 2:36 PM
Hazard is tired because he played two matches in three days, said Mourinho. He travelled and didn't sleep because he arrived in Belgium at 5 or 6 in the morning after playing in Israel.
Daily Mail - 1:15 PM