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It was a fantastic goal, every player in the world would like to score a goal like that, Mourinho said. Diego Maradona to Lionel Messi to all these brilliant players.
Daily Mail - 11:14 PM
For me football is not just mathematics, Mourinho said. When some people write that Fabregas drops his level because the number of assists are not the same, the number of assists are probably not the same because the player that he assists does not score.
Daily Mail - 10:55 PM
He's a great boy and his contribution for us is already crucial with these two match-winners in the last two matches, said boss Jose Mourinho.
Daily Star - 10:50 PM
I don't think he had a bad performance, I just think he was not good enough, which is a huge difference, Mourinho said.
Guardian - 10:29 PM
In this moment, it is five victories and a one draw, Mourinho said.
Daily Star - 9:00 PM
If my medical department decides to take four weeks to recover Diego this would not happen but in football we need risks, Mourinho told Sky Sports. I risk sometimes, as a manager in a result I don't like.
Mirror - 8:09 PM
Mourinho told Sky Sports: The explanation is that if my medical department decides to take four weeks to recover Diego this wouldn't happen.
Sport Review - 7:50 PM
He is not mentally ready to start the game, Mourinho said.
Daily Star - 5:46 PM
Petr Cech is not a player – he's an institution, Mourinho said. Ten years in goal, going through everything he went through, great moments and sad moments, dying on the pitch.
EPL Talk - 11:25 PM
At this moment the muscle is fine, said Mourinho. But football is more than that: you need confidence, to believe that you don't need to break your intensity and are free to express yourself at the maximum intensity, and that's our doubt.
Guardian - 11:18 PM
Petr Cech is not a player, he's an institution and with institutions you have to deal with things in a different manner, said Mourinho. He won in this club the right to be looked at and respected in a different way. He deserves a special perspective.
Daily Express - 11:01 PM
Every player has a price. It doesn't matter which player, said Mourinho. If you ask me now, for example, Eden Hazard, we can speak about him because he's signed a new contract. Do I want him to leave Chelsea? No. If he wants to leave, if he doesn't want to work with me, if he doesn'...
BBC - 10:55 PM
Diego trained yesterday and today with the group, said Mourinho on Friday. He's not injured, but I don't know if I start with him or not because, obviously, with muscular injuries, and after just two days with the group, I need to analyse the situation with him and make a decision. ...
Guardian - 2:36 PM
Hazard is tired because he played two matches in three days, said Mourinho. He travelled and didn't sleep because he arrived in Belgium at 5 or 6 in the morning after playing in Israel.
Daily Mail - 1:15 PM