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LFC Reds - Mon Oct 16 3:21 AM
Quote from Beerbelly on Yesterday at 06:52:26 am I honestly don't get this mentality; it's like we don't get the result we want and we bi*ch and moan about the money the Mancs spent and the embarrassment of their style.
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 14 2:39 PM
Quote from JD on Today at 02:20:11 pm CLEAN SHEET! a point is a point gain then.
LFC Reds - Sat Oct 14 11:44 AM
Quote from LondonRed83 on Today at 11:37:33 am Joke how he doesn’t start He has been woeful since he joined. Fingers crossed, but this really feels like same sh*t different day.
LFC Reds - Fri Oct 13 2:52 AM
All I can say now is, this is the last post I will send before the game . I am at work for the match. I think we can beat these cu*ts without Mane we just have to believe let's face it they are playing better as a team but Jürgen will pull it togeth
LFC Reds - Wed Oct 11 7:12 AM
Liverpool at home? Take a draw right now? F**k that hedging sh*t right off. I'd roll the dice and play for 3pts. Atmosphere alone in this match should raise the lads game if nothing else. We need something like that right now because we haven't found
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 9 11:01 AM
Mourinho is the master at stifling attacking teams, I just can't see a win for us, I think it may be a draw.
LFC Reds - Mon Oct 9 10:31 AM
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 26 1:21 AM
Announced that he is going into management. Future Liverpool manager? Played under Mourinho, Guardiola, Ancelotti, Benitez and Del Bosque, but also a very intelligent person/ex footballer. I can see him forging a very successful career in managemen
LFC Reds - Mon Sep 18 10:04 PM
Wish I hadn't highlighted Burnley doing well. Man City's massive hammering of Watford nets them 0 points for both. Man Utd beating Everton gets them +2 points only for their top four challenge. Chelsea no change for their home draw v Arsenal. Spurs hom
LFC Reds - Tue Sep 12 7:46 PM
I'm sure you'll both me watching the one at Old Trafford
LFC Reds - Sun Sep 10 8:04 AM
Mourinho walking out of the interview because he was asked about shaking hands with Mark Hughes. The guy is an embrassment. Like a petulant child.
LFC Reds - Fri Sep 1 10:31 AM
Rooney's been done for drinking and driving, probably shouldn't have retired. Everton striker Wayne Rooney arrested on suspicion of drink-driving close to home in Cheshire - Mirror Online http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/everton-striker-w
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 23 1:47 PM
F**k the ex Manc Shrek tw*t!
LFC Reds - Sun Aug 20 6:59 PM
Quote from HUYTON RED on Jul 19, 2017 09:44:44 pm Softshite pick's his PL 5-a-side team!! https://twitter.com/Chris78Williams/status/887668587078586369 Doubt that is true, probably Twitter bollocks. I'm sure he wou
LFC Reds - Wed Aug 2 4:35 PM
Mourinho taking parking the bus to even further extremes!! https://twitter.com/indykaila/status/892768188383068160
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 27 8:55 PM
Quote from HUYTON RED on Today at 08:51:23 pm Have to feel sorry for Wayne Rooney, going bald for a second time And now has more chins than a Chinese phonebook
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 2:09 AM
Quote from Swab on Yesterday at 12:54:01 pm It looks very much like Mourinho's favourite "big man up front to hit with a long ball". Genius manager using Dave "Harry" Bassett tactics.
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 25 1:01 AM
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4726042/Wayne-Rooney-Paul-Pogba-transfers-changed.html After reading that shitty article, it got me wondering. FSG should think outside the box and sign, pewdiepie! Our revenue will probably double or t
LFC Reds - Wed Jul 19 9:44 PM
Softshite pick's his PL 5-a-side team!! https://twitter.com/Chris78Williams/status/887668587078586369
LFC Reds - Fri Jul 7 2:25 PM
Members with 13+ games can purchase guaranteed tickets on Tuesday 11th July from 8:15am for the following games: Crystal Palace Arsenal Manchester Utd Southampton Chelsea Everton WBA Swansea Leicester. Members with 4+ games can pur
LFC Reds - Thu Jul 6 6:41 AM
Keith . Don't any of you Mancs ever think for a moment what happened in Mourinho's , meltdown season at the Chavs? He was fired for gross underperformance by Abramovich. So if that was the true case why did you hire him ? A failing , fired manager ? O
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 4 11:37 AM
Mourinho must read and believe all the manc papers that have them linked with £500m of assorted players weekly. With only one signing thus far he is said to be frustrated with the apparent inaction. All is not lost tho', one of the said publications hi
LFC Reds - Tue Jul 4 10:34 AM
Quote from Frankly, Mr Shankly on Yesterday at 11:22:01 pm You sure Salford is 5 minutes from the ground Keith? Most Man Utd fans have Essex accents don't they??! Off topic
LFC Reds - Fri May 12 2:06 PM
It's unreal. Literally siting at Tru Street in Trafford Centre for 5 minutes and Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard walk past me with some friends. Have to do better than that hoody and that cap when I'm around lads. Mad.
LFC Reds - Thu May 4 2:16 PM
Quote from MIRO on Today at 01:14:35 pm Won't we all ! He is such a moaner he has turned into a bitter and sad individual has Mourinho . Fecker had been like that for years! A the beginning I thoug
LFC Reds - Sun Apr 30 11:08 AM
Why is Mourinho touted as one of the world's best managers? The amount of money he spends he should be winning the Oxford/Cambridge boat race too! Ditto Pep. It would be interesting to see how he'd cope managing Newcastle Utd in the championship.
LFC Reds - Fri Apr 28 3:41 PM
Haha not to worry troops the lunatic is still in charge of the asylum: Mourinho has suggested that Sergio Aguero has made the most of the headbut that saw Fellaini sent off at the Etihad last night. Brillopad head was shown a straight red in the 84th
LFC Reds - Thu Apr 27 7:23 PM
That Utd lineup is awful. Man City should give them a thrashing, and I hope they do. De Gea, Valencia, Blind, Bailly, Darmian, Carrick, Herrera, Fellaini, Mkhitaryan, Martial, Rashford.
LFC Reds - Thu Apr 20 5:03 PM
Quote from Robby The Z If Leicester wins CL and Man Utd win Europa League, 4th wouldn't get us in the competition at all. We'd be in Europa League. We would be back in Europe regardless. And we really need to be back in Europe, and if it is
LFC Reds - Mon Apr 17 8:54 PM
Liverpool will finish top 3 and Man Utd won't be in top 5. FACT