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RedCafe.net - Tue Feb 20 9:58 PM
So what's your recommendation. I was bored and was browsing Netflix and here are some documentaries that I thought were interesting (on a slow afternoon) Jiro dreams of Sushi - A documentary about a Michelin 3 star rated Sushi restaurant in Japan and his dedication to the job of running the resta...
RedCafe.net - Tue Feb 20 8:47 PM
Finished this Netflix show a couple of days ago, thought it was excellent. For once a new show felt like it had a beginning, middle and sufficient end instead of only annoying open ended capacity for another season.
RedCafe.net - Tue Feb 20 7:11 PM
https://www.theguardian.com/footbal rkey-fallen-hero-exile?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
RedCafe.net - Tue Feb 20 6:27 PM
He hit a fan at the end of the match.. wonder how the FA will deal with this. Hmmm
RedCafe.net - Tue Feb 20 12:52 PM
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RedCafe.net - Tue Feb 20 12:00 PM
I've been rewatching the early Simpsons seasons recently and they just never fail to deliver, outstanding television indeed. When Flanders Failed, Homer Goes to College, Deep Space Homer, Homer's Enemy so many classic episodes. I decided to watch the first episode of season 24 yesterday to sort o...
RedCafe.net - Tue Feb 20 9:51 AM
I'm doing something at the minute that gave me cause to read up on players like Laudrup from the perspective of fellow pros, coaches and managers. What strikes me is that he was revered as the best many had seen or played with, but his desire to be the best he could be was seriously lacking for h...
RedCafe.net - Tue Feb 20 5:46 AM
https://twitter.com/i/moments/965724462401273856 Fan travelled on his own to away game and went nuts for entire 90mins What an absolute legend this chap is
RedCafe.net - Tue Feb 20 5:09 AM
I Can't proclaim to have anything like a great knowledge of Brazilian or Portuguese football but last week whilst watching Brazil a player called Ramires caught my eye. Looked like a brilliant prospect and very energetic - looked on that viewing like the kind of Brazilian that could very well do...
RedCafe.net - Tue Feb 20 3:47 AM
Alot being said about the game but what I saw at the end brought football back to the dark ages. Both Wigan and City failed to control their fans and should face hefty punishment from the FA. The amount of missiles and advertising hoardings ripped up and thrown by the City travelling support was...
RedCafe.net - Tue Feb 20 1:20 AM
I recently started watching this, I like it a lot so far. I love Latka.
RedCafe.net - Tue Feb 20 1:10 AM
We had The Preacher and more recently, Happy! Now, apparently, Amazon have ordered The Boys. I can't wait as it is one of my favourite comics ever. https://screenrant.com/boys-comic-book-tv-show-cinemax-amazon/
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 11:44 PM
I think most people see this trophy as the least priority of all the domestic cup competitions in English football, Jose Mourinho recently talked about how he would be in favor of it being scraped all together. I've often thought why not make this competition a British Cup, invite clubs like Rang...
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 10:57 PM
So, as unbiased as you can be, which double do you think would carry the most kudos this season (or any season for that matter) City winning the PL and League Cup or us winning the CL and FA Cup ? Both are still very much on !!!
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 10:32 PM
He hit a fan at the end of the match.. wonder how the FA will deal with this. Hmmm
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 10:21 PM
Click to expand PSG - KEY CONSIDERATIONS - Berchiche likely to start because he seemes to be more reliable defensively than Kurzawa - Cavani is apparently injured so Mbappé and Di Maria are likely to start as of today - Thiago Motta isn't fit due to Clash PSG - Real Madrid |
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 10:16 PM
Who comes to mind for you guys?
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 10:05 PM
Don't know if anybody else read this, and if so what your thoughts are I guess this is a pretty obvious response from a United fan, but I find it a depressingly sickening article. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25765975 It's specifically stuff like " We are the players at the moment who ha...
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 10:05 PM
Friday 16th February 19:45 Leicester City Sheffield United 20:00 Chelsea Hull City Saturday 17th February 12:30 Sheffield Wednesday v Swansea City Brighton and Hove Albion v Coventry City West Bromwich Albion vSouthampton 17:30 Huddersfield Town v Manchester United Sunday 18th February Rochdale v...
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 10:04 PM
Ill disciplined, can’t break down smaller teams who park the bus, clearly not good at putting out fires #WillGriggs.
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 9:02 PM
I stumbled on this piece on Ed Woodward and how he operates within United. I thought it was very insightful. Looks like Ed is gradually finding his mojo and might yet prove critics wrong. https://www.manchestereveningnews.c -news/man-utd-transfer-news-woodward-14307803
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 6:29 PM
Due to this taking a while to compile (I made all the images), i've only done the last 5 Home and Away Premier League games. N.B. I've used a colour code to make the stats a bit easier to read. Red = left wing Yellow = middle of pitch Green = right wing Football and white = led to goal...
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 6:08 PM
From today's Guardian, an interview with an ex-pro called Andy Woodward who was one of the victims of Barry Bennell (a scout/coach at Crewe but who also worked with other clubs including Stoke and City and a number of junior clubs) https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/nov/16/andy-woodward?CM...
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 5:28 PM
specifically Nintendo switch and Xbox one?
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 4:48 PM
Welcome to the Auction-Trade Madness Draft! Standard T&C: S.1 - All time draft. S.2 - No substitutions. Tactical changes with in-field players only. S.3 - Open pool reinforcement. Undrafted players can be drafted now. S.5 - Post deletions are banned in this thread. Irrespective of whether it has...
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 3:40 PM
I thought it would be a good idea to share great goals scored which may have gone unnoticed from world football. I just watched this worldy from Leverkusen
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 3:00 PM
Four goals and two assists in the last three games, not bad for a Turkish 20-year-old Serie A debutant. Looks like Monchi has unearthed another gem from his expansive scouting system. Looking at recent transfers, Roma knows their place in European football, and I think they plan on exploiting tha...
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 1:38 PM
Not the usual drivel and makes some interesting points, basically that the back 4 aren't good enough, which means he needs to play 2 holding to protect them, which holds back Pogba's ability to get forward. Why the key to Pogba’s future lies in Man United’s back four Manchester knew they had a sp...
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 12:15 PM
Marchisio's wife wrote the following on her social media, after he was benched yet again - “Tolerance reaches the line of reciprocal respect, but once it is past that, it is transformed.” He has barely featured this season, but even with Blaise Matuidi injured and Sami Khedira not 100 per cent fi...
RedCafe.net - Mon Feb 19 10:00 AM
Played 13 Won 10 Drawn 2 Lost 1 Goals scored 29 Goals against 5 Second best home form in the league, only Arsenal and City have scored more at home and we have the best defensive record. Our away form (along with Arsenal) has let us down a bit with some of it being down to not dealing with the...