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RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 11:40 PM
https://alternativeright.hopenothate.com/my-year-inside-the-international-alt-right I'd highly recommend everyone gives this a read.
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 10:51 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date The whole affair is so murky. The FA manage to get this stuff wrong so, so often.
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 10:50 PM
Best worst thing I've ever watched.
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 10:25 PM
Ok, so no longer do we have multiple choices for the 7am(PT)/10am(ET) games on Saturday's and shockingly they are showing City-Palace over our game Saturday, so I've got to buy this pass. $50 for the season. How does it work? Is it only compatible through a device like apple tv or roku? or can it...
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 10:02 PM
Let the discussion begin
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 9:49 PM
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 7:42 PM
Was looking at the Rashford thread and this seems to be a common criticism of him. Is dribbling at a high level something a player can even develop or is it rather something you have or you don't? If yes, can you think of any players that have dramatically improved their dribbling over time? Feel...
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 4:34 PM
In Warsaw on business today, can any locals or recent visitors recommend me a good location to watch the game. More central the better really.
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 3:43 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date The whole affair is so murky. The FA manage to get this stuff wrong so, so often.
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 3:27 PM
La Liga has just released this years (maximum) playing side budgets. This covers wages, taxes etc, agents fees, transfer fees as amortised. It's possible that some clubs (like Barca following Neymar's sale) will actually spend less. LALIGA SANTANDER: Barcelona 507.239.000 Real Madrid 499.698.000...
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 3:04 PM
According to Mateja Kezman (Sergej`s agent) who was a guest in CRC radio show, we are among few clubs interested in Sergej and seems he was contacted by all of them. There a few links to this, picked this on Serbian: http://vesti-online.com/Sport/Fudbal/666990/Veliko-interesovanje-velikana-za-Ser...
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 2:28 PM
decent article in the NYT documenting the injury and the recovery, quite interesting to see the thoughts of a player a different stages of the rehab process. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/20/sports/soccer/manchester-city-ilkay-gundogan-injury.html
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 2:26 PM
EAP/RT Ecstatic EAP/RT Formation: Lopsided 4-3-1-2 Defence: David Seaman mans the goal. One of the top keepers of the 90s during his stint with Arsenal, he provides dependability and stability from the back Synth Draft: R1- EAP/RT vs Ecstatic
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 2:03 PM
for the PL title this season? Chelsea won it with 93 pts which is a fantastic achievement. But they weren't in Europe last season which helped a lot. So, how many points will be needed this season? I'm going for 88-90. Normally, 88 pts would be sufficient but as things go this season both Manches...
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 1:44 PM
Bale over Mané is ridiculous. Also no Erickson or De Bruyne. Aubamayang also deserves a spot somewhere in there. I'm not sure how Matic made the cut, he certainly would have been passed over had he still been a Chelsea player. Azpilicueta and Courtois deserve a spot in there too. Tweet — Twitter...
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 1:43 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 12:18 PM
It's that time of the year again. The new season kicks off in exactly 2 weeks. Preseason well under way. Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 12:05 PM
Hi Guys, I'm going to be in Stuttgart over the weekend of the 30th, and I've got a couple of United related questions. I'm there for business, and much like myself, one of the guys I'm meeting is a huge Manchester United fan. It would be a big coupe for me if I could organise this. Does anybody k...
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 11:14 AM
So what does the caf make of him? Decent player? Underrated? Overrated? There were old threads for him in the football forum, so I created a new one instead of bumping them.
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 10:20 AM
Do you agree with this statement?
RedCafe.net - Wed Sep 20 9:40 AM
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 11:36 PM
“We gave Michael Carrick a contract because we think he’s a good player and an important player. He’s just in a team where I think, in this moment, Matic and Fellaini are in the best form that I have ever seen them. I never saw Matic playing so well. I never saw Fellaini playing so well.” “He Ca...
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 11:31 PM
How will he fare in his first season? Instant impact making Liverpool serious contenders for top 3 or does he require serious amount of rebuilding? Squad looks awfully fragile when a couple of key players are out so surely this won't be plain sailing for The Normal One?
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 9:27 PM
http://www.football365.com/news/mediawatch-on-sensational-rooney-and-wasteful-lukaku You’ve been sensational, you really did your bit A few facts about Wayne Rooney’s performance at Old Trafford on Sunday as Everton lost 4-0 to Manchester United: * His 67.2% pass completion rate was the worst of...
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 9:08 PM
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/19/mexico-city-earthquake-anniversary-1985 A powerful earthquake has hit southern Mexico , causing serious damage to buildings in the country’s capital on the anniversary of a 1985 quake that inflicted major damage to Mexico City. An earthquake of 7.4 ma...
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 8:19 PM
England currently beating Russia 5-0
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 7:38 PM
United scouts monitoring highly-rated youngster and reports in Italy suggest they have sounded out possibility of a deal being done MANCHESTER UNITED are tracking Roma’s midfield prodigy Lorenzo Pellegrini. Jose Mourinho’s scouts watched the 21-year-old help his side beat Verona 3-0 on Saturday....
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 6:58 PM
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 6:35 PM
"Man City have spent the biggest amount in the Premier League so they are the principle contenders for the title, " he said after a weekend that saw United beat Everton 4-0 and City put six past Watford. "We will try to be there as well, we have quality as well, and we will fight for every title....
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 6:11 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 3:42 PM
Watching some Ronaldinho clips earlier and came across this video. The goal happens about 18 seconds in. That's dunga he nutmegs and then the one two is just gorgeous. Had never seen that goal until today. Please post some lesser known worldies in this thread for my own/others viewing pleasure.
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 3:27 PM
Gio vs Tuppet Gio TACTICS: 3-5-2 Diego Maradona is the fulcrum of the team . He is joined in a glittering attack by the explosive Hristo Stoichkov and the quintessential no9 and penalty box reference point Lineker . Much like Synth Draft: R1 - Gio vs Tuppet
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 3:04 PM
TEAM SKIZZO VS TEAM PHYSIOCRAT ​ TEAM SKIZZO FORMATION AND TACTICS Formation: 4-2-3-1 In goal we have Synth Draft: R1 - Skizzo vs Physiocrat
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 2:18 PM
We are going to the NFL game at Wembley this Sunday coming over from the US. We tried to figure out how to do the Southampton game, but could not make it work with tickets and travel (Very gutted no game at OT or in London). Hoping to find out where United fans could be watching the game in Londo...
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 1:19 PM
Apparently Rio is training hard and working toward his pro licence. From defender to contender! https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/4494212/rio-ferdinand-boxing-gary-neville/
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 1:18 PM
This was a hot topic for the two seasons they were in the same team. What a loaded attack we had then with these two and Rooney and Ronnie to choose from. I initially leant towards Tevez because I thought he worked harder and was quicker but looking back I'm appreciating Berba more. He was just s...
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 1:07 PM
http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41317495 Never heard it. What is it?
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 11:11 AM
The add linked below pops up 3/4 of the time I click on the Forums tab when on my iPhone http://promotefine.com/show.php?c=w ubid=Z29321160391501601417375444&t=1501601417
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 8:34 AM
So apparently our fans new chant about Romelu Lukaku that makes reference to the size of the striker’s manhood is racist on the basis that it reinforces racist stereotypes Kick It Out intervened after footage emerged of United fans singing the song, which goes to the tune of the Stone Roses hit M...
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 7:49 AM
What actually happens during half time team talks? If you're a manager and your team is losing 3-0, do you just scream at the players to wake up? How often are talks like this
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 7:44 AM
Damien said: ↑ Q: I want to post an article from a newspaper's website. Can I copy and paste the text on RedCafe? A: No. These days a lot of sites have soft or hard paywalls and Niall has frequently received e-mails from these sites threatening legal action because of posters pasting articles fro...
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 2:35 AM
Now upgraded to a Category 5. Being that I, and some other caftards, live in Florida, we'll be keeping an eye on it in this thread. Fingers crossed that it doesn't cross into the Gulf of Mexico. Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 12:40 AM
https://www.theguardian.com/footbal -song-about-romelu-lukaku-manhood-kick-it-out Manchester United have been urged to stop their supporters singing a song about Romelu Lukaku that makes reference to the size of the striker’s manhood on the basis that it reinforces racist stereotypes. The anti-di...
RedCafe.net - Tue Sep 19 12:14 AM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 11:16 PM
https://www.joe.co.uk/sport/neymar- stagram-following-penalty-disagreement-142224 Watch the clip, ignore Cavani Where does Neymar come from!!??!!
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 11:07 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Leave alone the fact that it's probably a bit of lazy stereotyping, Neville was sold the same summer we bought Park. So he didn't play with him unless they crossed paths in some testimonial. I guess this thread will have plenty of material if someone keeps paying...
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 8:50 PM
https://www.premierleague.com/news/465277 Official Squad Lists. Home grown only matters for those who qualify as over 21 for this season. Seems City and Chelsea are a bit light, which is no surprise. What about Spurs, I might have miscounted but I only came up with 4! Granted that have a some nic...
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 8:37 PM
Surely this can't be true? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/09/18/rio-ferdinand-become-professional-boxer-age-38/
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 6:07 PM
Yes what is this. I have seen and heard our rivals fans and even some of our fans say we don't play entertaining or pretty football. Everytime, someone says that I am always like what does that even mean. Some say Liverpool and klopp play entertaining football than us, for more than a decade arse...
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 3:49 PM
Now upgraded to a Category 5. Being that I, and some other caftards, live in Florida, we'll be keeping an eye on it in this thread. Fingers crossed that it doesn't cross into the Gulf of Mexico. Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 3:49 PM
Just read a lengthy article about another Brazilian wonder-kid who seems to be tearing it up in France. Is he destined for the top? (And yes, mainly started the thread to make that terrible pun)
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 3:49 PM
https://www.theguardian.com/footbal rie-a-record-sparking-tears-and-transfer-talk Nice article. Thoughts from the Italian contingent on here?
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 3:47 PM
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RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 1:05 PM
green_smiley Pat_Mustard green_smiley Formation: 4-2-3-1 Shilton , one of the best keepers in this draft, behind two World Cup winners Scirea and Aldair. Scirea will play a more defensive role in this game, primarily responsible to keep a close eye on van Basten. His Synth Draft: R1 - green_smile...
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 12:58 PM
2mufc0 OneNil 2mufc0 Formation: 4-4-2 I have gone with a classic 4-4-2 with aim of providing a system where both of my star attackers Keegan & Rummenigge can combine and get the best out of them. They will have plenty of space behind them to operate and interchange. They will be supported on the...
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 12:05 PM
The recent mood around the Caf seems to be of surprise, to be honest. 16 goals in 5 games is something we're clearly not familiar with and who can blame those who maybe a little taken away by our current form? I'd liken this start to 11/12 where we were on fire till that infamous game against Cit...
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 11:18 AM
http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/footb ne-rooney-arrested-11092069?ICID=FB_mirror_MF
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 10:55 AM
At EBB Stadium in Aldershot Kick off at 7pm Live on MUTV
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 10:49 AM
After the famous case of sex tape , a new blackmail to the video would have occurred. According to information Click to expand Kurzawa victim of video blackmail where he criticizes Deschamps
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 10:19 AM
According to Portuguese newspaper(OJogo) we've been scouting Benfica extensively this season(not only for UCL but also) for Zivkovic, their young winger who plays on the right but is left footed. Think there might be some truth in this considering we'll need a right winger eventually to replace M...
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 9:17 AM
At one point or another during the just closed transfer window, there were reports linking some players to United during the summer. The ones that really stood out and could have been legitimate reports included: Morata Dier Rose Perisic James Rodriguez Renato Sanchez Fabinho Semido Aurier Michae...
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 5:57 AM
I figure a RW/10 is the obvious attacking signing with the assumption being that one of Martial or Rashford will be our LW of the present and future and Lukaku is our 9. A RW who could possibly play as the 10 in the 4-2-3-1 with Mkhitaryan and Mata fighting it out at RW and backing him up and the...
RedCafe.net - Mon Sep 18 12:22 AM
I've been interested in our goal scoring stats this year considering that we've found ourselves rippling the net more often. One thing that crossed my mind is how often we have scored at the tail end of games so I decided to have a little dig into when goals were scored. In 7 competitive matches,...
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 11:57 PM
How can the greatest female artist of all damn time not have a thread dedicated to her incredible music? But yeah Ahhh, I just Yes, yes, yes! NEW ALBUM HYPE! "This is like my Tinder record." I've not been this ready for an album release since AMSP The idea of a return to Björk - New Album Imminen...
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 11:10 PM
Yeeeessssssss incredible achievement!!!! Can't wait tomorrow when our guys come back it will be crazy!
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 9:15 PM
First episode, The Hood Maker just started on Channel 4.
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 8:21 PM
One of the reasons why we didn't start with a 352 in the campaign is because we didn't have a wing back that was suited to it, which is why we were going for Perisic. But I think we should give Young a shot there as hes got all the attributes to be a decent wing back. Hes also defensively...
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 6:54 PM
Somehow these lot are fourth after 5 games.
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 6:36 PM
Why no jolly between Jones & Bailly in the last 2 league games? Fatigue, complacent, or the opponents were too good?
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 6:02 PM
Man Utd 1:0 Everton - Valencia (4') Man Utd 2:0 Everton - Mkhitaryan (83') Man Utd 3:0 Everton - Lukaku (89')
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 5:59 PM
A third of the goals we scored in 15/16, and it's still September.
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 5:58 PM
Let the discussion begin
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 5:43 PM
Seen it so many times. Once we score we start being labourous and sloppy. Jose mentioned it midweek as well. It's a long standing problem that we had for years. Why? Why don't just go for the jugular and kill teams off? I know we had a couple of late flurries against Swansea and Leicester but it...
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 1:08 PM
The transfer thread was closed so I think it's time start thread on football forum to keep discussion about Dembele.
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 10:55 AM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 10:52 AM
https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/4481774/charlton-athletic-football-club-lgbt/ Article reckons Prem clubs will soon follow. The debate over trans recognition will continue to rage on, but for those in favour this is surely a massive step in the right direction. However with some clubs still without...
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 10:51 AM
This thread is made with intent purpose of jinxing the Aguero and Jesus partnership. So the partnership that can't work together has scored 9 goals in the league between them, I'm worried that could be a deadly partnership both have the talent to score 20+ goals and I'm sure they will be setting...
RedCafe.net - Sun Sep 17 5:47 AM
Please make new match threads to discuss a current U18 and U23 matches instead of using the Misc. thread for match discussion. We've a whole forum dedicated for youth/reserve matters for a reason, let's make full use of it.
RedCafe.net - Sat Sep 16 11:40 PM
I'm not a big fan of hip hop, so I didn't really discover Nujabes' music until very recently. I got to say that I'm completely addicted. His music is so unique and soulful. Unfortunately he died 7 years ago(rip), so I've already gone through most of his music. Are there any other similar artists/...
RedCafe.net - Sat Sep 16 10:05 PM
Raees Moby Raees Formation: 4-2-2-2 (overlapping wing-backs providing width) Key tactical ploys: Passarella in a more defensive role , only going forwards if both Cabrini and Ancellotti are dropping back for cover. All rounders Ancellotti and Synth Draft: R1 - Raees vs Moby
RedCafe.net - Sat Sep 16 9:13 PM
They realised very quickly that they made a massive error with De Boer and didn't waste time correcting the error. If we'd have had the balls to do it with Moyes in 2013, we may not have been so shit over the last 4 seasons.
RedCafe.net - Sat Sep 16 8:51 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date Cringeworthy or just good fun? The topic has Twitter divided.
RedCafe.net - Sat Sep 16 8:10 PM
Borders are necessary for any kind of stable, civilized life. Without borders, there can be no possibility of a central power exercising sovereignty, and without sovereignty we would all be living in Hobbes's State of Nature .
RedCafe.net - Sat Sep 16 7:47 PM
8 games in Leeds are Top of the Championship. Anyone following how he's doing?
RedCafe.net - Sat Sep 16 7:08 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date 8 games, 1 win, 1 draw, 6 losses. Didn't expect that at all
RedCafe.net - Sat Sep 16 4:31 PM
Anybody from Spain could tell us if the government will use force to stop this referendum? That could be bad and drag Spain to terrorism and more provinces requesting a referendum imo.
RedCafe.net - Sat Sep 16 11:03 AM
Reports of an explosion on the tube near Parsons Green.
RedCafe.net - Sat Sep 16 10:38 AM
RIP Marc Bolan. Loved T Rex. Still one of my top 5 favourite bands of all time.
RedCafe.net - Sat Sep 16 10:18 AM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Sat Sep 16 1:49 AM
Looks like its kicking off in St. Louis tonight. Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date
RedCafe.net - Fri Sep 15 6:54 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-41280150 Hopefully he's fine.
RedCafe.net - Fri Sep 15 4:48 PM
There's endless praise for players who were successful playing for one club like Xavi, Scholes, Del Piero etc but I don't think enough praise is given to the players who have performed at the highest level for multiple clubs and their country. My pick for the most successful multi club player is...
RedCafe.net - Fri Sep 15 4:36 PM
The Soccer Manager Red Cafe League ​ If you want to join send me (Damien) a PM with your team and username ​ To join just pick a team in this topic and then search in Free online football manager game - Soccer Manager for world id 101474 and apply to that team. The rules are very simple: 1) there...
RedCafe.net - Fri Sep 15 3:39 PM
Out today. Just got my copy. Anyone else play, and what you think of it?
RedCafe.net - Fri Sep 15 3:15 PM
A chronicled look at the criminal exploits of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Click to expand New Netflix original, season 1 all available today.
RedCafe.net - Fri Sep 15 1:36 PM
Watching pundits speak, the same cliches come up time and time again, for example: Whenever a defence looks bad, everyone just says 'they need a leader', without any other further information about tactics. Punditry really should focus more on the analysis of tactics instead of the analysis of pl...
RedCafe.net - Fri Sep 15 1:32 PM
Isco probably takes top spot as he's gone from a spare piece to legitimately one of the best players on the planet. Manè has gone from a player most didn't want at United to a player most expect to make the leap to one of the world's elite. Do any others immediately spring to mind?
RedCafe.net - Fri Sep 15 12:44 PM
http://www.independent.ie/entertain ontroversial-rape-case-comments-36134624.html Over reaction or right reaction? The nation seems to be devided
RedCafe.net - Fri Sep 15 12:13 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-41280150 Hopefully he's fine.
RedCafe.net - Fri Sep 15 10:33 AM
Jose Mourinho has reportedly fallen out with both Paul Pogba and Ander Herrera. Pogba faces around six weeks on the sidelines with a hamstring injury sustained in the 3-0 Champions League win over Basel in midweek. According to The Sun, Mourinho has been left ‘furious’ by the midfielder, who is b...
RedCafe.net - Fri Sep 15 9:21 AM
Reports of an explosion on the tube near Parsons Green.
RedCafe.net - Fri Sep 15 8:56 AM
RedCafe.net - Fri Sep 15 8:54 AM
Reports of an explosion on the tube near Parsons Green.
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 10:30 PM
It starts today! Happy days for us!
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 10:14 PM
So one could say all teams have had decent starts to their CL campaigns. Which one do you think had the best chance going the most distance this year. Chelsea - looked really comfortable admittedly against a week opposition. While they were expected to brush aside the opposition anyways, the fact...
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 10:05 PM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date £47.5m. 2nd most expensive defender ever.
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 6:09 PM
New season started yesterday. Did anyone else catch it? Bit meh if i'm honest. Hopefully its just a slow burner
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 5:55 PM
With the first week of the Champions league over, it was interesting looking back and thinking we might have a couple new interesting rivalry's developing. Kane and Lukaku have been battling domestically for arguable two years now but with Lukaku finally having that higher platform, it's been int...
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 2:52 PM
Public sector pay cap to be lifted Reality Check: Is public sector pay higher than private sector? What do you think is the best balance here? In the same way a sweeping cap had long outlasted its practical and moral basis, these calls for a 5% rise or sector-wide increase are equally so. Nor ove...
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 1:04 PM
Uber to appeal against English tests for drivers http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-40427983 Do you disagree with the rule, or believe it to be reasonable enough?
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 12:37 PM
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says Europa League glory is not the best way to return to Champions League Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted he does not view the Europa League as an avenue by which to qualify for the Champions League. After missing out on reaching Europe's Click to expand Ars...
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 11:57 AM
On this week's United Hour , Imran ( @Annihilate Now! ), Colm ( @Duafc ) and Craig ( @Schmiznurf ) gather to discuss a variety of Manchester United related (and some unrelated) topics, ranging from beating Basel, how rain makes Fellaini's hair even more glorious, really crap defending, getting ki...
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 10:54 AM
One of the highlights of this 2017 / 2018 season has been the intriguing battle between Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial. In playing time terms, they have both been given their chances and we have seen what they can do this season. I'll cut through the chase: who is or who has been better, Mar...
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 8:20 AM
we have a squad and that's what it's for but the Pogba injury is a big one it's the combination I am wondering about Pogba is a great passer, is mobile, defends and attacks, scores goals Matic and Carrick behind Mhiki might be a bit negative but you have a great passer in Carrick Matic and Herrer...
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 2:38 AM
As the title says. Personally, I think we finally have a good team. First time in years that the majority of our first 11 are good players, for me. But watching the CL games yesterday and today - the PL teams all looked very good, as did Barca, Real, Bayern. I think what I learnt is that we have...
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 2:38 AM
What a player. Just watching a replay of Liverpool v Sevilla. Liverpool bummed them but drew.
RedCafe.net - Thu Sep 14 12:06 AM
Tweet — Twitter API (@user) date